About me

I’ve been Butch all my life, and I’ll be exploring what that means in this blog.

I am a spiritual being.

I’m also a Dandy – clothing, adornment and accoutrements are an expression of the inner self. They signal to all who have clear understanding, who you are, in essence.

I’m also a geek or nerd. I have been descibed as the original fountain of obscure and useless information.

I’ve studied prehistory and archaeology, sanskrit, the history of india, psychology and legal studies including criminal law and jurisprudence. I’m interested in almost everythig in the universe. I love poetry and songs that are lyrically deep. I love my spiritual mentors and teachers.

I’m not a radical character – I’m quiet, thoughtful. I watch and learn. I act not out of impulse but understanding. People describe me as smart, sweet, strong.

There are aspects of my life and being that I can find no role models for. So I’ve been making it up as I go along. Not doing so bad at it either.

I’m a Stone Butch. If you’re not sure what that means, please refer to my posts and my other blog at stonebutches.tumblr.com before you go googling that term and sucking up all the disinformation about Stone Butch.

I’m also a natural, born, feminist from a matriarchal family.

I’m in the mood for love. My mood may change. But I love you all, anyway.



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