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Elements with in the Rad Fem movement have been trying to erase Butch (and Femme) since the 1970’s, the advent of second wave Feminism. Middle class academics who percieved us as unenlightened – unlike them, ignorant and duped into an outdated aping of heteronormativity.

They have not succeded. We are as alive and true as ever:

Read deep – please go to this post at gendertrender.wordpress.com if you wish to add your voice.


I don’t have a ton of time for this, but I am so disturbed by the recent bashing and erasure of butch lesbians (and lesbians in general) in the radical feminist “community” that I feel compelled to respond to the nastiness posted yesterday by Allecto on the Liberation Collective website. Apparently there was “coincidentally” an identical post put up on Brennan’s blog today with an unfortunate photo of bisexual dominitrix Pat Califia as an illustration of a “butch lesbian” (wtf?). Coincidences aside, I’m going to address the original post at Liberation Collective. My comment was censored there so I am posting here. Males are not welcome to comment on lesbian community dynamics here.

My response to:

Gender by any Name Always Stinks” by Allecto [My comments in bold-GM]

Having been educated into radical feminist analysis by a group of incredible Australian lesbian feminists who collectively have a very…

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