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My purpose here is to look at some of the things that have been
published about Stone Butch and to reflect on these based on my own

First things First: here’s a post titled “What is a Stone Butch” By ‘Big Dog’

I’ve annotated it with my [comments]. The original post can be found at

I am a Stone Butch. Stone in this case meaning “very”.
[I don’t use the term Stone Butch to indicate that I am ‘very’ Butch
as this is not the case. I hope some of this will be made clearer in
my comments below. Stone Butch relates to my sexuality, not to my
personality or interpersonal behaviour.]

I was born female but Butch is my gender; the two gender system
described by the word “woman” does not fit me at all.
[I was born female – no doubt about it! Butch is my Identity, not my
gender. I am a woman, a Butch woman. Butch is also my ‘gender’ if
you’re talking about a gender spectrum or a feminine-masculine
spectrum based on a binary construct. Bear in mind that binaries and
spectra are conceptual tools that help is place things in terms of
categories (we human beings are such categorical thinkers – most of
the time it serves us well). So treat with caution all assertions
about where we fit in the scheme of things. Each and every one of us
is unique, and these descriptors are only a map of our particular
concepts of who we are and what that means. Sometimes our concepts,
descriptors and maps seem to accord with others, and we find
similarity and community.]

“Man” fits much better but it is not a perfect fit either. I am not a
male but you can call me “sir” and use masculine pronouns of “he” and
“him”. Don’t call me woman, wimin, womyn, gal, lady, girl or ma’am.
[Man does not fit me. I feel no great affinity with the male person. I
like them as friends, have quite a bit in common with them, find that
(to make a broad generalisation) I can relate to the mindset of many
men as if it’s ‘native’ to me, but there is just as much that sets me
apart. I’m a different kind of brother. Oh yes, please don’t call me
‘lady’ – it’s just embarrassing, for both of us.]

I am transgender. This is different from transsexual. I do not want to
change my body to become male. But most people call me he and “sir”.
Very few people call me she. I am much, much closer to what most
people would call “man” than “woman”. I am not a male but in my own
way, I am a man. A Stone Butch man.
[No – I am not transgender, I am kind of queergender or genderqueer –
but I am also undeniably a women, though I AM perceived as being
closer to what most people would think of as ‘male’ in certain aspects
of my physical presentation, personality and behaviour. I do think of
myself as a ‘Gentleman’ – because the converse term ‘Gentlewoman’ does
not connote the attributes encompassed by ‘Gentleman’.]

I am not a woman in any sense of the word that most people understand.
[Both True and False. While I didn’t break the mould, we are a rare
breed. We’ve been around for the whole of human history however, and
it’s high time you accepted that we are alive, well, healthy and not
going to go away. We are certainly not a relic of the past or a mere
social construct.]

My identity defies conventional description. Butch is an energy all
its own, an identity unique unto itself. That is why Butch is my
gender and I walk through life as the Stone Butch man that I am. It is
hard to find a language to describe a transgender Stone Butch like me
that will be universally understood.
[Yes, with the author on this one – perhaps I’m a bit more certain
about myself. Yes, Butch is my ‘gender’ – if we have to be assigned a
gender. And nix to the word ‘transgender’.]

I dress in men’s clothes down to my boxer shorts. [yes, I like
masculine attire – and it suits me – I can’t wear women’s clothing – I
would feel like I’m in drag]
My hair is what you call masculine, a regular guy’s barber shop
cut…I am 6’2” and have a naturally deep voice that does not give
away my biological sex. I walk, talk, eat, love and live as the Stone
Butch that I am.
[My haircut is more like a dandy flop, a foppish English schoolboy
cut. I’m 5’6” and my voice has a certain ‘timbre’ – like an adolescent
boy’s. I can sing baritone, tenor and contralto. I walk, talk, eat,
love and live as the whole person I am, and a part of that is my
identity as a Stone Butch. I’m also a parent, a poet, artist,

Femmes rock my world. [Amen!]
Andro dykes are my sisters. [But they often don’t ‘get’ me.]
Other butches and Stone Butches are my brothers. [Yes.]
Butch is not a word that “describes” me. It *is* me. I am Butch the
noun, not butch the adjective. My identity as *a* Butch is sacred to
me. I walk the walk and I talk the talk. I live with it everyday. It
is *NOT* a role that I choose to play. I have no more choice in this
than I had a choice in my biological gender. I live it 24 hours a day,
every day of the year. I can’t ever put it away, nor do I want to. I
am *proud* to be a Stone Butch. [Amen to all that.]

Butch the adjective is descriptive of a female who is masculine, yet
woman identified. They generally pass as women who “look butch”,
though some may look like a Stone Butch. They still identify as a
woman unlike Stone Butches. Most Butches fall into this category, and
may also call themselves “soft butch”. [Well, bro, this describes me,
but I’m still a stone Butch]
Then there are andro dykes who are sometimes called “butchy”. Often
they are mistaken as butches or call themselves butch even though they
are very woman identified and wear women’s clothes. Some also just
“butch up” for the weekend. Stone Butches sometimes call them
“Saturday Night Butches”
[I could be critical of this, but maybe some dykes need to play with
roles, looks etc. before they find what they are comfortable with.
However, it has led to a lot of disappointment for Femmes I know who
have found the ‘Butch’ they have in bed with them is ‘Butch in the
streets, Femme in the sheets’. :s ]

Butch is not identified by what you do. Heck, I am Butch when I cook
or sew on a button. [hey Buddy, I cook and sew too!]
It is an energy, an amalgamation of action, thought processes, look,
desire, tastes and interests. [Yes indeed!]

Big Dog
[Thanks, Big Dog! 😉 ]