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The Butch Dandy is not a new phenomenon, in fact I think we started the whole thing. “Proud as a Peacock” as the saying goes. So if you are proud, why not express that pride in who you are – everything you are?

I’m not that “Butch” (in terms of conventional cultural stereotypes) because I’m a quiet, reflective, scholarly type. I am one of the ‘old school butch’ in my personal code however. But I’m a dandy, and I love it! I’ve always had a thing for silk, linen and tweed, english leather, fine tailoring. But this is tempered by my other tendencies. Think of a morphing between Oscar Wilde, Beau Brummel, a cavalier gentleman, Johnny Depp and the adornment of a Masai tribesman, and that is close to my sartorial ideal.

I’d like to acknowledge and pay homage to Jackadandy, who helped me to embrace my dandyism:

“Dandyism as orthodoxy is an attempt to turn a quality into a commodity, into capital. But a dandy makes a poor capitalist. Dandy is not what I do, it’s what I am. It’s not a secret fraternity, it’s not a museum, it’s not something you play at, it’s not a way to exclude people, it’s not for followers, and it’s not for the upper-classes or the bourgeois. It’s not even what you wear. You don’t play at it, you are it — or you’re not.”


To put some real “Old Style, Old School’ swagger into your style, consider some reproduction victorian clothing and accoutrements from The Gentlemans Emporium at www.gentlemansemporium.com. Look for double breasted silk vests in a number of shades including a royal peacock blue, lovely pocket watches and even a ‘Dandy Bib Shirt’. Take a look at the steampunk ensembles as well. You don’t have to be a thespian or an historical re-enacter to value these looks. I’ll be betting that they get an ‘outing’ soon.

If you are in Britain, you might also like to consider The Butch Clothing Company http://www.thebutchclothingcompany.co.uk/ which aims to provide suits, shirts and trousers that will ultimately fit a butch woman perfectly. Their offerings look marvellous.