Playing With Fire – (Reblogged from Mainely Butch)


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I definitely have to blog about feminism – though I think a round table discussion would be more productive. 🙂

I respect MainleyButch’s opinion – just wish we could sort out some of the details…

I too have been accused of being mysogynistic – for admiring the female form. And preferring, being attracted to, Femme women.


MainelyButch: Private Label

I hear this ramble about “feminism”, and while I am not college schooled on feminism and anti-feminist stuff, I am smart enough to know that we need to stop dividing the treatment of genders somehow.  Treat each other with mutual respect and give everyone the same rights, and regards in life.  Being male or female is just a distinguishment of biological gender.  Some see the female as the “weaker sex” which is just plain bullshit.  Let any man undergo the pain and agony of giving birth and then tell me who is “weak”. 

I am sometimes thrown the “misogynist” card…just because I prefer to date women who identify as “femmes”.  I do not see the type women that I am attracted to as any less than anyone else, I just feel more of an attraction for that “femme mystique,” as I call it.  In the Butch-Femme world I may even…

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